In 1994 Shaman's Path PC Consulting came into existence. From a college campus in Connecticut, Elaine Barlow and her team did troubleshooting, Internet (dialup - ewwww *grin*) setups, and general PC maintenance. From custom building machines to organizing classes on computer and program use, Shaman's Path was dedicated to helping the average user learn to use their PC and the Internet with ease. Out of college, Elaine worked in top positions as a web designer at two prominent Internet businesses in CT and NY. After only a year she left the corporate world to start her own company and in 1999 Mecca Publications was born. (WayBack Machine - Mecca Publications). Using her new skills and new interest in design, hosting, and working with independent creative professionals, Elaine's business catapulted to the top of the charts in several exclusive niches including anime, scifi, comics, and other pop cultures. With a quickly growing team and client list, Team Of Dreamers was born in 2001 (WayBack Machine - Team Of Dreamers) and continued to build on Elaine's original plan; to provide everyone with high quality web design and Internet services for affordable pricing. In 2007 Elaine Barlow and her original team of "shamans" and "dreamers" decided to retire from web design to focus on personal projects and other pursuits.