Learn To Beat Challenges In Life Now And Meet Your Destiny

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I guess it was during my high school days when I confessed to myself that God was not this old man with a white beard wearing a white robe, sitting on a gold throne somewhere past sunlight, who handed out favors to those who jumped the most.
The theology classes seemed not to want to go into that type of thing, especially when it came to what is my destiny.
The Exodus and the journeys of Paul after Jesus’ death did interest me, but I always wanted more.
My doubts weren’t about God ever, but I doubted the experts who translated all these teachings.
Why was I supposed to trust somebody else’s view of things?
Everybody seemed afraid to put their own interpretation to the”Holy Word”
Don’t get me wrong; my upbringing did give me a solid foundation, for which I’m grateful, and there were many teachers, nuns, and priests whom I admired.
It was also good to learn that among those new young priests– fresh from the seminary when I was a high school senior, sporting shoulder-length hairwas a Beatles fan.
He once said he felt that Jesus would have been listening to”Let It Be” and”Hey Jude.”
I now hear it’s a plus for the school that he is today the school principal– but I also heard he is minus the hair.
I still wanted answers about more true gut about how to confront fears and challenges in life which they just couldn’t seem to commit to.
Now, as I look back, I think they must have had the exact questions and would have enjoyed answers.
The Course in Miracles additional states,”How long can it take in which God would have you?
I began college at Kent State, not knowing at all where I was heading, other than to celebrations.
Instantly I realized that I wanted to put the books down for a little while and get into the real world.
Dealing with Uncertainty
In a prior session I discussed free ebooks online about learning to go within and bring forth your destiny to the world.
As uncertain as I was, and impatient for growth and answers, I knew one thing for certain, which was I needed to make money.
The answers I was getting for destiny help in the beer parties seemed good while listening to classic musicians, but they were not good enough for me.
The Need to Move Forward in Life
This was when I started looking at the sky, and I flew directly to it, and by 1975 I was the property of the United States Air Force.
“How cool is that?” Is what I felt.
I found a few answers, and the truth about Viet Nam fairly quickly.
I must hear the war stories firsthand over confront your fears over beers in the NCO (noncommissioned officers) club.
They were coaching me as though I could be sent there, but fortunately for me no additional troops were being sent.
The 1970s were safe but pretty wild for meas an airman. The Air Force did take good care of me, and in 1978 Erin was born.
As a young father with inspiration extending through me and into my gorgeous daughter, my responsibilities kept a lid on the wilder times.
I needed to be serious and make a clear destiny path for Erin’s future.
I guess you could say I was the “gung ho” type, and this excited me as I would learn from the Air Force how to face your fears.
Ever Wonder “Who Am I”?
I remember one night on a training exercise, some of us under the stars before sunrise.
About a dozen people were gazing at the starry sky while we maintained our position in our C141 aircraft. The exercise called for the departure and arrival of several aircraft during the night.
I’ve always had a keen connection and a curiosity regarding all that is visible and outside in the sky.
One of the men said to me that it seemed as though I knew something they did not, as we all gazed and spoke in awe of the beauty of that particular night.
I can’t say I knew something, but I have always felt connected to’Something’ that teaches us how to know your destiny.
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To attaining your destiny!

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